Do you know how dogs think, learn and communicate?

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If not, now’s the time to learn!

You can have a better relationship with your dog(s). I can teach you how to:

  • Train your dog reliably
  • Resolve behavior problems
  • Socialize your dog safely
  • Have fun through activities and games

There’s more to living with a dog than training, but it’s an essential component in providing us with the mental framework for fluent inter-species communication. It opens up your mind to think differently about how we interact with dogs in our daily lives.

I’m a canine educator and consultant with over eight years of experience in the pet industry. Dogs are a way of life for me. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you so that together we can innovate to solve societal problems stemming from lack of access to educational programs and resources.

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Beyond training, there are other important areas of dog parenting, including household manners, socialization, bite prevention, public etiquette, and reading and interpreting canine body language. It is my goal to show you how and why dog training is important to developing communication when it comes to these other areas, as well as create products and services that solve related problems for both dog parents and the dog training industry.

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