Do you know why some dogs behave better than others?

There is a lot know about dogs in a variety of situations throughout their lifespan.

It boils down to human education. How much do you really know about dogs?

How much of that are you able to understand and apply to your lifestyle?

Who do you go to for quality information and how do you know you’re getting it?

What if you can’t afford it?!

It’s a problem many dog lovers face.

Access to dog training services is a luxury that most people can’t afford and therefore opt to do the work themselves. I should know. I’ve been a professional dog trainer for over eight years!

When I first got into working with people and their dogs, I wanted to help anyone and everyone (I still do!) but I quickly learned I’d have to charge a lot more if I was going to make a living at. My local market is small and, like many trainers in non-metro areas, the traditional model of group classes and private sessions excludes people who need services the most. Furthermore, non-profit and government agencies are less likely to offer educational services due to their bureaucratic nature and financial constraints.

I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge over the years that I wish to share with you about the realities of dog training. I’ve struggled as well as learned from the best so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes when it comes to dog parenting and can help shape our future. It’s what fuels my passion and allows me to get up everyday to do it all over again!

I create solutions for dog lovers and businesses that have real value.

Everything I work on is intended to solve a real problem for people, including affordable access to humane, educational dog training information and resources whenever possible.

Someday I envision people having to go to the equivalent of online traffic school for dogs when, for example, their dog is picked up by animal control for being at large. Better yet, why can’t government agencies and non-profit organizations provide access to education? That’s not a rhetorical question!

Is it really fair to you, me or society that anyone can have a dog but not acquire the necessary skills to train and prevent or manage problematic behavior? There are many society problems that stem as a result: Annually increasing dog bite occurrences, puppy mills, backyard breeding, ever increasing shelter intake and financial burden to taxpayers incurred. Just to name a few.

Here’s what I’ve been working on that you can take advantage of:

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  • Clicker Ring, a new clicker training tool (Now prototyping)
  • Phone and email support for dog lovers anywhere

By supporting my endeavors, I promise to do my part in developing the future of dog training culture and practices.

What I’m about

I use only use and recommend positive training and motivational techniques that are based on proven principles of animal learning theory and applied behavior analysis. These humane, force-free methods are promoted and followed by respected leaders in the professional dog training industry.

I don’t use any methods that hurt, scare, intimidate or force your dog to do something. It just isn’t necessary in the modern age as more effective, proactive and progressive methods arising as the new standard in popular culture.

That means absolutely NO leash corrections, e-Collars, choke chains or prong-pinch collars. Animal cruelty laws are some of the quickest, unobjectionable laws passed today. Such methods and devices are becoming lawfully archaic around the world.

Only safe methods are advocated and necessary to get your dog to behave. Training should be fun for you and your dog. Not frustrating.

What I can’t do

Dog trainers aren’t magicians. Every person, dog, environment and situation has its own unique (and often contextual) variables. We can’t resolve years of your most complicated problems overnight, but we can assist and steer you in the right direction from the knowledge we’ve acquired over years of practice.

By educating yourself, you can learn to solve or effectively manage your dog’s problematic behaviors through training and a better understanding of how dogs behave, think, learn and communicate.

I can’t guarantee success for you and your dog. What results you get out of dog training depends on the time and attention you put into it. The good news is, it really doesn’t take as much time as you think once you fully understand what is involved.

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