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We’d like YOU to help us build our service! Answer Dog is a question and answer site that connects dog owners with knowledgeable and certified professional trainers. Similar sites, like JustAnswer, charge as much as $30 for ONE question and do not screen for quality support. Our goal is to provide you with affordable to access professionals anytime you’d like, day … [Read More]


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Seven Resources for Dog Bite Prevention You Should Be Familiar With

Preventing dog bites is as much a responsibility to the person greeting the dog as it is to dog handler themselves.  It’s my personal philosophy that even non-dog people have an equal responsibility to educate themselves in avoiding confrontations.  People in households with children need to be extra vigilant. Some facts according to the American Veterinary Medical […]



What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training means using a sound (click) to communicate with your dog. Clickers have been in use for more than forty years. The method is best known from the world of marine animal training where people need a way to communicate with animals, like dolphins, that can’t be controlled physically. How does it work? It’s simple! First […]

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Clicker Ring 4 ISO

Clicker Plus

Clicker Plus is a line of clicker training products that I’m developing.

Agility Weave Pole

How to Build an Agility Weave Pole Set

I recently built this agility weave pole set for my dogs as a fun way to burn energy when time is limited.  In the future, I’ll be adding a video to this post. For now, you can follow these instructions to build your own. It’s quick and easy to disassemble or reassemble, and only costs about […]


6 Dog Things You Can 3D Print

With affordable 3D printing coming to the consumer market in 2015, like the M3D Micro, I wanted to share a few dog items that currently exist and hopefully inspire you to come up with some of your own. ID Tags Identification tags can help recover stray dogs immediately. You can even add a scannable QR code […]