Does your event need a storyteller?

I’ve been telling stories to small and large groups of people for over ten years. Stories that challenge the way dog lovers think, learn and communicate while also inspiring them. I’m positive that I can bring value to your organization’s event.

Below you’ll find a variety of topics I speak on (but don’t let that limit you).

Use the form below to find out if I’m available.


Some conferences or events want unique talks prepared for their audience. Others want hands-on workshops. I can deliver both!  At a minimum, I need 4-6 weeks to prepare for your event.

Here are the topics I speak most about:

  • Beginner dog training and confidence building
  • Behavior problems and their solutions
  • The art of loose leash dog walking
  • Product development and marketing strategies

Find out if I’m available

Please tell me as much as you can about your event and I’ll circle back to you soon with a speaker kit.

“I listened to Josh speak at APDT in Vegas 2016. He is an incredibly knowledgeable dog trainer and dog enthusiast. He not only cares about the well being of dogs but strives to promote responsible pet ownership. I look forward to continue following his work.”
–Sara Carson, The Super Collies