Success Stories

If you want irrefutable evidence that coaching works, then here you go! Proof for the value of my services. Scroll through and take a look for yourself.

Bruno the Bruiser

Jeff and Debi Moore came to me when their dog Bruno, who was rescued from a dog fighting ring, started redirected his frustration on their arms whenever he saw another dog in public, leaving bruises. The reactions were embarrassing, frustrating and made it difficult to walk him. They almost gave up. Over a period of three months, I worked with Bruno several days per week. The transformation was incredible! Bruno learned to trust other dogs again, to the point that he could walk with them frequently and socialize playfully. Bruno is a true testament to the power of positive training!

Meet Paco and Bebe

When busy Doctor Robert Egert adopted two puppies, I came over three days per week, for a total of eight weeks. The pups learned basic obedience cues and received some much needed interaction while their dad was away. Specifically, they learned sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, watch me, come when called, pulling on leash and other proper manners when interacting with humans (not jumping; be gentle). At the end of each week, I met with Bob to show him what the dogs had learned and how to maintain the behaviors on his own.

What People Are Saying

“Josh helped me with my ‘teenaged’ Akita-Mastiff mix. He was able to get me all dialed in with loose leash walking and teaching basic commands. What I appreciated most about the training, is that Josh left room for the dog to be just a dog. Still lots of work to do, but Josh is worth every penny plus some.”

-Nate Wright, Small Biz Triage

“I listened to Josh speak at APDT in Vegas 2016. He is an incredibly knowledgeable dog trainer and dog enthusiast. He not only cares about the well being of dogs but strives to promote responsible pet ownership. I look forward to continue following his work.”
-Sara Carson, The Super Collies

“My dog Cash listens so much better now! I’m glad I know how to prevent chewing when I’m gone. I don’t know what I’d have done if I didn’t call Josh.”

-Katie Nathan

“I really wish I’d have gone to Josh sooner to train my dog. It could have saved me thousands of dollars in vet bills and damage to my home.”

-Chris Lathrop

“Took your advice and it really worked for ignoring my puppy to curb submissive urination. Results: Much success! All gone! Thanks!”

-Tyson Crowl

Still not convinced?

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