Last Updated 11/11/2017


Regarding DogGuyJosh.com Services

As of November 3rd, 2017, I've accepted a new position as the Operations Manager for Block By Block, a company contracted by the Downtown Chico Business Association to help make downtown Chico a more clean and safe place to visit.

Because of this, I'm currently evaluating new ways to provide humane canine education services outside of primary employment, to include the possibility of hosting affordable night classes in a semester format.

My time and availability for 1-on-1 coaching and consulting has greatly decreased. Due to popular demand, my rates have increased. I am now charging $200 per hour or $1,800 for 10 sessions when prepaid (payment plans are still available).

If you are interested in working together to improve your lifestyle and the welfare of your dog(s), you may contact me at josh@dogguyjosh.com with the subject line "DOG HELP". All others will be ignored or discarded. Please include your phone number for fastest response.

Otherwise, enter your email address below and I will contact you once I've set up new curriculum and availability.

In the meanwhile, please continue to:

  1. Exercise your dog! Majority of behavior problems can be managed easier when dogs are consistently tired.
  2. Feed your dog appropriately! They are what they eat. A healthy diet is essential to managing weight and preventing health issues.
  3. Engage your dog! Mental stimulation through training, puzzles and games is just as important as physical exercise.
  4. Stop the use of punishment! Dogs know when we lack control and may become unresponsive to us or avoid us altogether. Focus on building trust instead.
  5. Never stop learning! Get a hold of as much education material as possible! This includes books, CDs, DVDs and other information from certified professional dog trainers belonging to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Regarding ClickerPlus.com Pre-Orders

The prototype designs are complete and the product is ready for manufacturing, however there is not currently sufficient funding for production equipment. I will continue fundraising so that I can fulfill all orders as promised.


I won't ever spam you or send you anything until the new class options and curriculum is ready.