Thank You

Despite many struggles, I have been fortunate to have to a long list of influences throughout my life, comprised of supportive family members, wonderful friends, helpful educators and inspiring mentors.

My thoughts, decision and work has been built upon the lessons I’ve learned from them.

For those reasons, I would like to say “Thank you!” to…

  • My mother, brothers and sisters
  • All of my clients and their dogs
  • All of my Clicker Ring supporters
  • Fidela Costales
  • Nicole Cacy
  • Jon Staats
  • Colleen Robb
  • Peter Bradshaw
  • Ken Ramirez
  • David Rahn
  • Karen Pryor
  • Michael McBride
  • Ali Patwary
  • Elliot Dickinson
  • The Roberts family
  • The Moore family
  • Karen Cole

Thanks again to the many people who have influenced my thinking and taught me important lessons over the years. My apology to anyone I left off the list. I try to update this list each year.